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When Should You Schedule Maintenance for Your Honda Vehicle?

No one knows your Honda better than our expert service technicians at Honda of Downtown Los Angeles. Our staff can help you predict when you need to bring your Honda in for service. Doing so can ensure that your Honda receives the professional level care it needs to maintain its drivability and can even help Los Angeles drivers save on money in the long run.

Honda Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Although Honda guarantees reliability, it takes responsible upkeep and proper parts to keep your Honda running like new. For the convenience of Culver City drivers looking to schedule routine service, we've created a great maintenance schedule for you.

With your first visit at around 7,500 miles - we will perform the following services :

  • Oil and Filter Change
  • Brake Inspection
  • Throttle Linkage Lubricant
  • Check and Correct Fluid Levels
  • Inspect Tires and Set Tire Pressure
  • Rotate Tires

Performing the above services at 7,500 miles can help you save money from any additional repairs needed down the road. At 15,000 miles, we will perform a much more rigorous inspection of your vehicle, including:

  • Chassis and Hinge Lubrication, if necessary
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Inspect Road Test Vehicle
  • Inspect Brake System
  • Inspect Undercarriage
  • Replace Oil Drain Plus, if necessary

Can I Customize My Service Maintenance Request?

We are happy to provide customizations for Inglewood drivers and more. Our service department works closely with our finance experts to curate the best service maintenance schedule for you. Whether you're on a budget or not, we treat each customer uniquely and will walk you through the process of obtaining service smoothly.

Moreover, if you're in need of additional financial services such as understanding the difference between a lease or a loan or even simply creating a financial package that works with your budget - we can help. Check out all that our finance center can do on our website.

And finally, our service department works with our parts department to bring you a bundle of specials that works directly in the budgets of West Hollywood drivers. In fact, some of our specials allow drivers to receive free inspections, discounted alignment services, and battery replacements.

How Do I Schedule Service?

Scheduling service with our dealership is easy. The first thing you'll want to do is navigate our website until you come across our schedule service tool. The tool itself works by taking the information inputted and sending it to our dealership. That way, we have the information we need to give your Honda proper service.

Some things that you'll need before you navigate the tool, however, are:

  • The Make, Model, and Year of The Vehicle
  • Driver's License and Insurance
  • Choosing Which Service You're Looking to Receive
  • Select a Date for Service

Although we accept walk-ups, it is always best to schedule your service before coming into the dealership. Our service technicians give each car expert level care and work, and there may be a wait if you don't schedule with us in advance.

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If you're ready to receive expert-level care and efficient service, bring your car to our dealership today. We service customers from Glendale, CA, and even across state lines.

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