If you drive more during the summer taking long road trips and explore new locations, all the planning and packing can push your car’s maintenance down on the priority list. Yet, part of the road trip preparation includes getting your car ready for long-distance driving to ensure you avoid damage or costly repairs. At Honda of Downtown Los Angeles, drivers rely on our dealership’s service center to keep their vehicles safe and running at peak performance. Here are our top maintenance tips to follow before your next summer getaway season.

Tire Rotation and Alignment

Driving hundreds or thousands of extra miles over the summer can really give your tires a beating. Rotating them allow treads to wear evenly over a longer period of time. Our technicians check the tire treads wear to see if any of them need replacing or repair.

Tire pressure levels in each tire is checked to be sure none are over or under inflated, which could lead to rapid wear and potential accidents. Proper pressure also affects fuel efficiency so maintaining the right pressure could translate into greater mileage per gallon of gas.

Battery Inspection

Without a healthy battery, your car won't go anywhere. Having the battery checked to be there are no signs of corrosion which indicates a shorter lifespan.

Our service staff has the latest technology and equipment to test and replace the battery, if necessary, which will ensure you won't find yourself stranded far from home.

Oil Change

Oil changes most common things drivers are told they have to do for their cars. But it's not just because that reminder sticker says so, but because engine oil becomes dirty levels get low after a few months.

Changing the oil and filters not only replenishes the engine with fresh oil, but it is also one of the best ways to keep the engine running smoothly and reliably by lubricating all moving parts, so they run without damaging friction.

Fluid Levels

There are other fluids in your car, besides engine oil. Making sure to top off these fluids keeps your car from working harder than it needs to. Since fluids can evaporate from the heat, coolant, windshield washer fluid, transmission fluid, and steering wheel fluid increase performance across the board.

Coolant is the most important fluid to replace since its sole job is to maintain cool temperatures hood to prevent overheating.

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