When you're trying to decide which car to purchase and you settle on a new Honda, you have only made the first choice. You still have one more to go: Honda Civic or Honda Accord?

We at Honda of Downtown Los Angeles know all about your dilemma. After all, both the Honda Civic and the Honda Accord are iconic models. Both have legendary histories of quality, reliability and resale value.

So Which is Better for You?

Like so many things in life, you can't lose if you choose between two great options. The key is to select the one that suits you best.

Both cars feature four doors, and both are made to seat five. If you haul five passengers regularly, the Honda Accord is considered a more comfortable fit by virtue of being a midsize model. The Honda Civic's interior isn't quite as big as the Honda Accord's as it is a compact car. Some people also find the Honda Accord's back seat more comfortable, especially in the middle of the seat.

The Honda Accord comes with a more powerful engine when equipped with standard equipment. Both offer great power-to-weight ratios and a variety of powertrain options.

The Honda Accord offers more cargo space. Where the Honda Civic's trunk is short but deep, the Honda Accord offers a long trunk with a downward-sloping lid.

The Honda Civic looks sporty with its tapering hood and compact size. Its standard manual transmission adds to the impression that it's a youthful, dynamic car. You can dash around Los Angeles with style and flair.

The Honda Accord carries itself with the more dignified bearing of a mature sedan. With a standard continuously variable transmission as standard equipment, you can maneuver through traffic in Los Angeles effortlessly.

When it comes to safety and technology, the Honda Accord and Honda Civic are on very even footing. Both are equipped with Honda's state-of-the-art driver-assist technology.

Both offer a full suite of device-compatible connectivity. The Honda Accord's bigger interior gives it room for a larger display screen is than the Honda Civic's.

With standard equipment, the Honda Accord is more expensive than the Honda Civic.

The best way to choose between Honda Civic and Honda Accord is to stop by Honda of Downtown Los Angeles and test drive them both.

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