Have you ever wondered what it would look like to take your Honda Accord to the limit? One blogger recently discovered just what the Honda Accord is capable of. At least this particular Honda Accord. AutoBlog writer Murilee Martin uncovers hidden treasures in his "Junkyard Gem" features. Recently he discovered a 1983 Honda Accord in a Denver. What he unearthed was more than even he could have imagined.

So, what exactly did Murilee Martin find hidden in the recess of this car graveyard? A Honda Accord in relatively good shape, with minimal rusting and damage. Less than you might expect to find for a vehicle where it is common to find wintery conditions take over the streets. Like the salty air of California, vehicles in the Rocky Mountains region can come in contact with salt used to melt the ice on the snowy highways. Many Colorado counties use a sand-mix alternative. After doing some digging, Martin found this particular Honda Accord had spent a considerable amount of time in California and Texas, as recently as 2011 before moving onto the Centennial State.

But what caught Martin's eye was the mileage. This 1983 Honda Civic had logged 411,794 miles in its lifetime. Or, as Martin points out, the equivalent of 16 1/2 trips around the world. This is just two years after the odometers in the Honda Accord added another digit space to accommodate triple-figure mileage, which makes its journey even more incredible.

If this discovery tells us one thing, it is to never underestimate the achievements of the Honda Accord. If the 1983 Honda Accord was capable of taking its driver/drivers this far, imagine how far you can get in a brand-new Honda Accord, with its advancements in technology and engineering. Couple that with the expertise and regular maintenance at Honda of Downtown Los Angeles, you may be able to go just as far in your next Honda Accord.

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