In the summertime, it's all about driving with the windows down and playing music with friends as you travel to see and do new things. Everywhere you go in the summer; you rely on your car to help you start new adventures and make new memories. At Honda of Downtown Los Angeles, we have exceptional vehicles that are ready to experience the summer and beyond with you. Our models make your life more comfortable, entertaining, and compelling when you hit the streets of LA.

A model we are excited to share with you is the all-new Honda Civic. The feeling you get when you don't have to be anywhere, and you can drive while finishing your favorite album in sunny LA is all too good, especially with the one-touch power moonroof. Catch some fresh air and let your hair down in vacationland where you can keep driving because it feels that good.

You can drive at any speed you want up to 174 horsepower where the Civic was designed for a powerful performance. You'll be over the moon happy when you accelerate and experience the smooth performance of your Civic while driving in beautiful style where both you and the Civic look amazing.

You'll be turning heads wherever you drive in this bold and daring vehicle. There are aggressive lines that stand out in any crowd and signature C-shaped taillights for a sleek profile that gives a fiery attitude. Your attitude might change when you step inside and experience pure comfort as if you didn't know it could exist in any driving experience.

Settle in and relax in your cabin that can seat up to five of your best friends while offering plenty of cargo space. You can fit all your miscellaneous things as they remain secure inside with compartments and convenient places to store items.

The Honda Civic will get you excited to drive every time you walk out of your driveway and see it sitting there. You'll be going places you never thought you could before because the Civic is just that good. Stop by our dealership today for a test drive and learn what life could be like with the fresh Civic.

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